If something here has peaked your interest, or you would like to help lead/serve in a certain capacity please reach out and let us know. We are always looking for people willing to lend a hand in bringing the past back to life.

This committee oversees items that don't completely fit into another category but without them our show would not be what it is.

Saleable Items  -  Irene Doty

Church Services  -  Perry McLemore

Friday Club Dinner - Kelly Miller

Set Up/Tear Down Lunch - Julie Fritz

Shirts/Plaques/ Buttons Design/Ribbons  -  Kelly Miller

Website/Social Media - Kelly Miller


Though our vendors and the club we offer a very WIDE array of food, drinks, and other saleable items. We try to offer something different in order to not harm their sales while also offering something outside the box. We also offer raffles for various items donated through our sponsors as well as our annual Quilt Raffle.

Concession Sales / Raffles

Tractor Pulls  -  

Draft Horses - Greg Lightfoot

Music  -  

Every year we work to provide exciting family entertainment that will peak your interest while maintaining our rustic ambience.


Senior Relations  -  Sandy Monroe

Small Yard Signs  -  

Large 4'x8' Signs  -  Jim Burke

Sponsorships  -  Bill Waiter

Radio Comm  -  Ron Leighty

Print Ads  -  Helen Melcher

Without this committee we would be unable to get the word out about our show and what we offer. With the help of  radio, print, signs, and word of mouth we strive to let all of the region now about us and what we offer.

Flag Raising  -  
Future Farmers of America -
Golf Carts  -  Jim Burke
Set Up / Clean Up  -  
Fairgrounds Liason  -  
Electric Liaison  -  
Security Liaison  -  ​​

Registration   - Nancy Kleine

Gates & Admission  -  Paul Carlson

Boy Scouts  -  

Porta Potties  -  Julie Fritz

Restrooms  -  Chuck

Information  -  ​Ed Doepping

Announcing  -  Gloria Miller

People Movers  -  Russ Jansma

Nightwatch  -  Steve Vandiver



​This committee and its personnel oversee much of the day to day business of the show. They help ensure we are properly prepared for all attendees, whether it be safety, security, restrooms or communications; without these tasks and people our show would not operate as smoothly as it does.

​Club Committees

South Lake County Agricultural Historical Society


SHOW COORDINATOR - 1st Vice President Kelly Miller

Kiddie Korral  -  Brittany Ash

Kiddie Tractor Pull  -  Ray Mattox

Kiddie Tractor Ride  -  Ira Kirby

Petting Zoo  -  Louie & Charlotte Meltzer

The children that attend our show will be extremely excited to take part in all the activities that we have to offer them. Every year this committee looks to offer new and exciting things that will engage, entertain, and educate all at the same time.

Kids Activities

Pie Booth  -  Julie Fritz

Pork Chop Dinner  -  Tony Kollak

Ice Supply  -  Julie Fritz

Popcorn  -  Ira Kirby

Sponsors Raffle - Rob Ashe

Quilt Raffle - Nettie Cilek

Flea Market - Sandy Monroe

Food Vendors - Donna Kollak


Simple Displays

Tractors  -  Dave Kleine

Automotive  -  

Garden Tractors  - Ron Leighty

Gas Engines  -  Sheldon Miller

Parade of Power  -  Marcia Lamprecht

Small/Hand Tools  -  

Wood Carvers  -  Jeff Postma

Lionel Train  -  Lionel Modular Train Club

Complex Displays

Sawmill  -  

Letz Mills  -  Devin Mueller

Threshing  -  Jerry McGarr

Shredding  -  Jerry McGarr

Shelling  -  Jerry McGarr

Horseshoeing  -  Perry McLemore

Blacksmiths  -  Perry McLemore

Chainsaw Carvers - Jeff Postma

We pride ourselves in providing as much to see as we can possibly offer in a responsible a safe manner. While some of our displays are owned directly by the club most of them are owned my individuals or families. Also, some of our displays are what we deem as Complex Displays (ie: sawmill, thresher, ect), while others are classified as displays (tractors, hand tools, cars, etc.). We have classified them as such.