South Lake County Agricultural Historical Society


Get The Word Out

Can you help us get the word out about our show? With all of the advertising we do through digital media, print media, and the radio; our best avenue to reach people is our many signs. 

With that said we are updating our sign inventory to include new 4'x8' banner signs along with 18"x24" yard signs (size of an election sign) and we want to ensure that we get as many of these signs out as possible.

For those of you that live along high traffic roadways or high traffic intersections we would be very grateful if you would permit us to place one of our 4' x 8' signs. These signs/banners are either white and blue or our new black and yellow versions. 

If you can't place a larger sign, we also have small 18" x 24" yard signs that are a perfect fit for any street as seen below.